New Earth Epic Calendar for 11.721 and a sister calendar

Greetings everyone!  As we enter the last quarter of 11.720, I have posted a new calendar for 11.721.

I’ve made a few changes.  First, I’ve dropped all references to the idea of a metric time of day.  I’ve been playing with the concept of metric time for years, and I now find myself wanting to drop it.  I’m doing so for the same reason that the French Revolutionaries dropped it in 1795–too hard to adopt it and not worth it.

I have, however, created a sister calendar which has its new year around Halloween rather than the December Solstice.  This is because a number of people who feel spiritually attuned to the Earth–many of whom call themselves Pagans–celebrate the new year on that day, which they refer to as Samhain.

This calendar has been a pet project for several years, and has taken on a life of its own. I don’t know how many people will ultimately adopt this, but I believe in the power of ideas.  While I personally prefer to see the new year start at the December Solstice, if there are enough earth-conscious people who want hold on to their tradition of starting the new year at Samhain, who am I to decide for them? I’ll be keeping track of downloads for each calendar, so we’ll see how it plays out.

Downloads for both of these are free and can be found here.

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