Download Earth Epic Calendar for Year 117.20–and changes

I was a little late in putting this out, but I finally have the Earth Epic Calendar for the Year 117.20 ready!

As usual, I am including the last month of the previous year (117.19).

I made one change to this calendar–something that I’d debated with myself for a while.  I have decided to give religiously and culturally neutral names to the days of the week.  Previously, I’d said that the seven-day week was not officially part of the calendar but was being used for practical reasons.  I’d suggested that in the future, people may want to change the arrangements of the weeks–perhaps so that every day ending in 0, 1, 2, 3, etc., would, in effect, be its own day in a ten-day week.

It’s clear to me that the seven day week is here to stay and  will be as long as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are strong social forces in the world. (Unless they decide that having a sabbath day every seventh day isn’t  important.  And that’s their choice–I have no inherent criticism of the seven-day week.)  Weeks also roughly correspond to quarters of the moon, and as such, have been deeply ingrained in human society for millennia. People may choose to change the lengths of the weeks in the future–the seven-day week is still not an inherent part of the Earth Epic Calendar.

I have named the holy days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Islam, Judaism, and Chrisitanity respectively.  The remaining days are named after the four elements, Water, Earth, Wind (or Air) and Fire, which are important in Buddhism, as well as  many indigenous religions in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

One other change you’ll notice in the calendar’s design: I’ve replaced the seasonal pictures with graphics that explain different aspects of the Earth Epic Calendar.

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