Basic structure of the calendar

(18.16.12) 11.722 Northlight 85 (9.03

Above is the complete date for August 1, 2022. Usually you will only need to show part of it at a time, which will be explained in the coming pages

Below is a chart that outlines the basic structure of the calendar.  There are eight units of time in the Earth Epic Calendar.  Three are categorized as the Epic Time Scales, while the remaining six are categorized as Calendar Time Scales.

The Earth Epic Calendar gives the option of tracking time by either Quarters or Moons (lunar months).  With Quarters, the year is divided into four roughly equal quarters tied to the year.  Moons are tied to the lunar cycles, which don’t fit accurately into the solar cycle.

Click on this link for a guided tour of the calendar. or look at the chart below and choose the links yourself.

Epic Time Scales
Unit of TimeLength in YearsCompared to other Units
Eon250 million years100 Geneses
Genesis2.5 million years1/100 of an Eon
100 Epochs
Epoch25,000 years 1/100 of a Genesis
Calendar Time Scales
Unit of TimeLength in DaysCompared to other Units
Year365-366 days4 Quarters
52 weeks plus 1-2 days
Quarter (solar dates only)91-92 days13 weeks plus 0 or 1 day
Moon (not related to quarters or the year)29-30 days4 weeks plus 1-2 days
Week 7 days1/4 of a Moon
1/13 of a Quarter
Day1 day24 hours
1/29th or 1/30th of a month
1/91st or 1/92nd of a quarter