Earth and human history, EE

Earth History

Creation of the Universe-37    
Formation of the Earth0    
Formation of the Moon093   
End of the Late Heavy Bombardment, First life—prokaryotes2    
First Photosynthesis536   
Atmosphere becomes oxygen-rich—first “Snowball Earth”9    
First Eukaryotes931   
Formation of the supercontinent Rodinia1376   
First multicellular organisms1446   
Breakup of supercontinent Rodinia1496   
“Snowball earth” severe enough that bottoms of oceans might have frozen1524   
First great extinction (Ordivician-Silurian)1534   
Another “Snowball earth”1562   
Start of Cambrian explosion1604   
First land based plants1624   
Evolution of trees1662   
First predecessors of amphibians move from water to land1664   
Second Great Extinction (Late Devonian)1666   
First plants to evolve seeds, which greatly expanded the number of plants1672   
First reptiles1692   
Formation of Pangaea continent1700   
Third Great Extinction (Permian-Triassic—most severe ever)1715   
First non-avian dinosaurs1724   
Fourth Great Extinction (Triassic-Jurassic)1735   
Breakup of Pangaea continent1750   
Earliest mammals1752   
Fifth Great Extinction—including non-avian dinosaurs1789   
First true primates1793   
First stone tools181498  
Homo habilis181500  
Beginning of Pleistocene, period of repeated Ice Ages181512  
Homo erectus181572  
Rise of Neanderthals181596  
Homo sapiens181604  
Extinction of Neanderthals181611  
End of last glaciation, beginning of Holocene, 9701 BCE18161200

Human history:

EventGregorian calendarISO 8601PE Century:Year
Approximate beginning of the Holocene (Eon 18, Genesis 16, Age 12)9701 BC-97000
First building phase of Gobleki Tepe—oldest religious site discoveredc 9500 BC-9500200
Earliest known walled city (Jericho), first evidence of domesticated sheep in Iraqc 9000 BC-9000700
First evidence of harvesting of wild wheat, invention of boats, domesticated dogsc 8500 BC-85001200
First copper found in Middle East – beginning of Copper AgeC 6000 BC-60003700
Date of creation of the Earth per the Byzantine Calendar5509 BC-55084192
Rice cultivated in China, Maize cultivated in Mexicoc 5000 BC-50004700
Start of Sumerian civilizationc 5000 BC-50004700
Start of the Julian date (JD) at January 1, Greenwich noon, Julian proleptic calendar4713 BC-47124988
Begin of Anno Mundi in the Jewish calendar3761 BC-37605940
Appearance of Minoan civilization on CreteC 3650 BC-36506050
Cuneiform—one of the first forms of writing—invented in SumerC 3400 BC-34006300
Start date of Maya calendar, August 113114 BC-31136687
Reported birth of Krishna3112 BC-31116589
Pharao Narmer/Menes unifies Egypt3085 BC-30846616
Beginning of Indus Valley Civilization3000 BC-29996701
Beginning of the construction of StonehengeC 2750 BC-27506950
Start of Regency of Pharaoh Djoser, Building of the first pyramid2720 BC-27196981
Xia dynasty, first China dynastyc 2070 BC-20707630
Reported birth of Abraham1813 BC-18127888
Birth of Hammurabi1810 BC-18107890
Begin of the Reign of Akhenaten1379 BC-13788322
Reported departure of Israelites from Egyptc 1300 BC-13008400
Begin of the first Olympiad776 BC-7758925
Legendary Founding of Rome, Start of ab urbe condita753 BC-7528948
Birth of Confucius551 BC-5509150
Estimated death of Gautama Buddha,487 BC-4869214
Death of Alexander the Great in Babylon323 BC-3229378
Founding of the Imperial China by the Qin dynasty221 BC-2209480
Introduction of the Julian calendar45 BC-449656
Possible date of the Birth of Jesus3 BC-29698
Year Zero at ISO 86011 BC09700
Begin of the Vulgar Era Anno Salutis1 AD19701
Possible year of Jesus’ crucifixion30 AD309730
Roman Emperor Constantine convenes First Council of Nicaea, establishes institutional church325 AD32510025
Fall of Rome476 AD47610176
Migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina (Hijrah), Begin of the Islamic calendar622 AD62210322
Coronation of Charlemagne800 AD80010500
Norman Invasion of England1066 AD106610766
Birth of Genghis Khan1162 AD116210862
Signing of Magna Carta1215 AD121510915
Beginning of Black Death that decimated Europe1340 AD134011040
Fall of Constantinople1453 AD145311153
Voyages of Christopher Columbus1492 AD149211192
Beginning of trans-Atlantic Slave Trade1526 AD152611226
Introduction of the Gregorian calendar1582 AD158211282
Bacon’s Rebellion that led to the hardening of “racial” divides in the United States and the stripping of rights from African-Americans1676 AD167611376
Use of coal for smelting metals developed1678 AD167811478
United States Constitution signed1787 AD178711487
Storming of the Bastille begins the French Revolution1789 AD178911489
Battle of Waterloo1815 AD181511515
Birth of Petroleum Industry1848 AD184811548
American Civil War1861 AD186111561
Start of Second Industrial RevolutionC 1870 AD187011570
Birth of Automobile1886 AD188611586
Invention and first flight of the airplane1903 AD190311603
Sinking of the RMS Titanic; Xinhai Revolution in China1912 AD191211612
Beginning of World War I1914 AD191411614
February and October Revolutions in Russia1917 AD191711617
Foundation of the Irish Free State and Independence of Egypt1922 AD192211622
The beginning of World War II1939 AD193911639
Explosion of the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki1945 AD194511645
Commencement date of Before Present1950 AD195011650
Cuban Missile Crisis1962 AD196211662
Summer of Love – explosion of the hippie and anti-war movements1967 AD196711667
First human Moon landing1969 AD196911669
The revolutions of Eastern Europe1989 AD198911689
The collapse of the Soviet Union1991 AD199111691
September 11, 2001 attacks, beginning of two decades of Middle East destabilization2001 AD200111701
Election of Donald Trump as U.S. President2016 AD201611716
First year of 22nd century CE, second year of Century 118 EC2101 AD210111801
End of 23rd century CE, beginning of Century 120 EC2300 AD230012000
First year of 30th century CE, second year of Century 127 EC3001 AD300112701
First year of 100th century CE, second year of Century 197 EC10,001 AD1000119701
End of 103rd century CE, beginning of Century 200 EC10,300 AD1030020000
End of current Age 12, Century 249; eve of Age 13, Century 015,299 AD1529924999