Changes, downloadable calendar for 117.19

Samuel1983 / Pixabay

The Earth Epic Calendar for the year 117.19, which starts this December 21, 2018 on the Gregorian Calendar, is now available as a downloadable .pdf.  This is a five-quarter calendar that spans from the last quarter of 117.18 through the last quarter of 117.19.

The publishing of this calendar is also a good opportunity to announce a tweak that I’ve made to the calendar.  I have changed the international names for the quarters so that they better reflect what they describe.

As I said in my original description of the four quarters that make up the year in the Earth Epic Calendar, the actual names of the quarters should be left to local custom. After all the Gregorian Calendar was essentially imposed on the world due to the overwhelming economic and political power of Western countries. But I did also create some names that were hemispherically and culturally neutral for the purpose of international use.

I have altered the names of those quarters slightly, which you will see reflected in this calendar download.  Originally named Southtide (near the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere), Easttide (Spring Equinox), Northtide (Summer Solstice) and Westtide (Autumn Equinox), I’ve now changed them to Southlight, Eastlight, Northlight, and Westlight. As before, the North and South references indicate the part of the Earth tilted towards the sun at the beginning of the quarter (Southern Hemisphere in December, Northern Hemisphere in June). The East and West references are more metaphorical–the East and West refer to the earlier and later parts of the day just as the sunrise in the East and the sunset in the West do. I changed the suffix from -tide to -light to better describe the astronomical phenomenon.

Enjoy your calendar, and I always like hearing your feedback!


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